Problems or questions? Maybe your answer is below! If not, please send an email to the developer


What devices will Sinister Planet work on?

Sinister planet will work on almost all Android 2.1+ devices. While is it impossible to test it on every device on the market, if you have a problem please email the developer with your problem so that it can be investigated and fixed.


I am getting Force Close errors.

Often this can be caused by conflicting applications. An example is the Spare Parts tools, in particular disabling the compatibility mode setting will stop the app from running correctly. Also changing the cleanup policy to 'aggressive' in some task managers will cause problems. This is not only with Sinister Planet, but other apps as well.


I can't buy the app from the Market, I am getting an error.

This is a known problem with the Android market. If you add your cedit card information using the phone, sometimes you are unable to purchase apps. The answer is to add your card details to your Google  account using a desktop computer, then return to your phone to purchase your apps.