How to play


Your main objective is to collect the gems during each wave. There are up to five gems to mine, blasting the asteroids will reveal the gems. Each gem collected will also gain you $500. Can you use this to upgrade your ship between waves.

Beware that your enemy will be in competition for your gems. When one is revealed, collect it quickly or it might get eaten by one of the many Roamers. When a Roamer eats a gem, you have a few seconds to blast it to regain your gem...otherwise it will mutate into a much more deadly Muton alien.

As you progress through each wave, you will notice the planet approaching ever closer. Finally, you must attack the planet surface and destroy the alien silos. The planet surface is also home to some more deadly breed of alien hoardes. Once all the silos are destroyed the planet will be destroyed...then you move on the next planet. There are five planets in all to destroy to complete the game.

Controlling the ship

Use the control pad in the bottom left corner to move the ship. The ship will move faster the closer to the edge you touch. For finer control touch near the centre of the control pad.

Press the top right button to fire. You can switch the fire position to bottom right from the menu. However this is not recommended on most devices because of some poor multi-touch screens which cause the touch points to interfere when on the same vertical rows.

If you purchase the turret upgrade then you can shoot 360* using two control pads..better start saving up!

More tips

- Collect the gold asteroids for extra $$. You will get a random amount of cash for each.

- Don't lose all your gems. You will enter WITCHSPACE. This is not a good place to be! You need to complete the fifth wave to regain your 5 gems. You won't get to attack the planet surface either, so no bonus!

- Occasionally you will get a CHALLENGING WAVE. If you wipe out all the aliens you get $2000 bonus. Don't worry you can't die on a Challenge wave, so go crazy.

- You can only enter high scores in ARCADE mode. Change the difficulty level using the menu.

- Very rarely, an asteroid will reveal a free upgrade, so shoot as many as you can!